Illegal Immigrants are Like Sperm

Illegal Immigrants are Like Sperm

Illegal Immigrants are Like Sperm

Illegal Immigrants are Like Sperm: Millions of the fuckers come in and only one bastard actually works!


4 thoughts on “Illegal Immigrants are Like Sperm

  1. Fuck U mother fucker racist.. what the fuck do u know about being an immigrant. stupid ASS… u probably didnt even finish high school and working in a pepboys.. to you.. FUCK YOU.. I WILL MAKE MORE MONEY THAN YOU AND I AM A FUCKING IMMIGRANT AND YOU, YES YOU, WILL BE WORKING FOR ME, WITHOUT EVEN KNOW IT.. OPEN YOUR EYES, STUPID BASTARD… IMMIGRANTS ARE THE BLOOD OF THIS COUNTRY MOTHER FUCKER.. FUCK YOUUUU!!!!

  2. wtf

    Hi FMFR,

    This website is dedicated to everyone who wants to have that one minute of enjoyment out of the day and to get a kick out of the tough situations life throws at us.
    Nothing here is meant to offend, nor put down anyone. As Genki Sudo would say “We are all one”
    β€œThe most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” – Morrie Schwartz

    Thanks and hope you visit soon! πŸ™‚

    BTW, I’m a monkey, can you imagine all the stupid monkey jokes I have to put up with that f’n humans always tell me?

  3. SirAndy


    Make up your mind?

    Are illegal immegrants taking away your jobs or are they lazy?

    It is offensive … against the ones laughing about it because they do not know anything about this topic and just chant whatever the propaganda at e.g. Fox News tells them.

  4. Jaymee

    Then, the 999,999 who don’t work die.

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